Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Free of Facebook

Strange as it may sound but I feel great! I have finally deleted my Facebook account.  To be honest it was a great experience, 10 years ago I would have never gone on to a social networking site. However, in 2010 I decided to give it ago. To my surprise, it was brilliant, I reconnected with so many old friends from Hong Kong. I also met new ones, however I made a 'rule' for myself. When accepting a friend request, I told myself that I would not add anyone who I do not interact (or have interacted in the past) with.

Did I hold on to that? Well, there were one or two from America whom I didn't know but still added. However I only had 115 friends, out of which 40 were my colleagues. The rest were either family or friends. 

So why did I got rid of it!? There are many reasons, and the one I am willing to share is that I spent more time on Facebook than with my family. May be I wasn't a 'posting-person' but I definitely read everyone's post. 

People share all kind of stuff on the site, emotional, romantic, funny, political, religious and you name it ! Recently however, people started sharing something that I wish they never had. Videos of people being decapitated, mostly happening in Islamic countries or may be suppressed states. This really bothered me and I accidentally watched one. I could not take my mind of it. It took me a whole week to recover and my wife could see something was bothering me. Every time people posted or shared something that demoralised other communities or races, I was reminded of how cruel the Human race is. The amount of racist comments or pictures that are shared on Facebook, in reality the same could result in a prison sentence. Anyway it is deactivated now,  I can focus more on my real life and maybe more time for my nitnem? ;)


  1. I tend to deep cleanse my Facebook friend list from time to time and as a general rule delete the contacts with whom I haven't interacted in the last 12 months. That usually keeps my friends number to sub 75. Even that seems too many. But I try not to add too many political/religious stuff.... I recently added Jatha Shaheedan and am having second thoughts after seen a boiled body of a Shaheed....
    Anyways, looking forward to the blog.... Good luck!

    1. Oh! Jatha Shaheedan Singhs/ Singhnian are good friends of mine. In fact, I am part of them; the smaagam happening in Luton next week is organised by the Jatha, hence all of us.
      Bhai Gurdev Singh, Debu, is the Singh who was boiled alive by Punjab police. As one of my friends says to me; all these tortures and cruelties are true and it depicts the true nature of humans. However, it is just too much to bare sometimes...